CHART 202325.-27.8.2023 / Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Kööpenhamina

Topi Ruotsalainen: Primavera, 2023
öljy kankaalle
200 x 200 cm

At CHART art fair 2023 Galleria Heino will have on display at booth 12 a solo exhibition by painter Topi Ruotsalainen.


Topi Ruotsalainen is a Finnish painter, who depicts mainly everyday motifs, capturing moments where a seemingly random assemblage of characters is brought together to form what seems almost like a group portrait. He seeks to depict the invisible action, the tension and the hierarchies that arise between people, the way people inhabit their own bodies and their responses to other bodies around them. In his latest works, he has explored the thematic of togetherness through the form of a circle.

Topi Ruotsalainen (b. 1979) gained his MA at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (2005), gaining a further MA at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art. He has had numerous private shows since 2005 and his work is featured in major public collections.

We will also present an animation work The Transient (2023) by the artist duo Pink Twins (Vesa and Juha Vehviläinen), which is included in the CHART Cinema Programme; a series of videos presented in a loop at the cinema in Kunsthal Charlottenborg throughout the fair.

As part of the Special Projects, which spotlights several presentations by artists that will be exhibited in the foyer and stairway leading up to the fair at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Galleria Heino will present Aaron Heino's work If There's No Other Way (2022).

Also at the lower foyer, a new curated exhibition, Start Collecting with CHART, will feature a photographic piece Très énervé (2017) by Sami Parkkinen from his series Limbo.

  • CHART_2023/GALLERIA_HEINO_TOPI_RUOTSALAINEN_Stepping_on_toes_2023_oil_on_canvas_200x265_cm

    Topi Ruotsalainen: Stepping on toes, 2023
    öljy kankaalle
    200 x 265 cm

  • CHART_2023/TOPI_RUOTSALAINEN_Arrangement_2023_oil_-on_canvas_50_x_60-cm

    Topi Ruotsalainen: Arrangement, 2023
    öljy kankaalle
    50 x 60 cm

  • CHART_2023/TOPI_RUOTSALAINEN_Encirclement_2023_Oil_on_Canvas_200_x_265_cm

    Topi Ruotsalainen: Encirclement, 2023
    öljy kankaalle
    200 x 265 cm


    Topi Ruotsalainen: Situation developing, 2023
    öljy kankaalle
    40 x 40 cm


    Topi Ruotsalainen: Heat ahead, 2023
    öljy kankaalle
    60 x 50 cm

  • CHART_2023/GALLERIA_HEINO_TOPI_RUOTSALAINEN_Hopak_2023_oil_on_canvas_204x145_cm

    Topi Ruotsalainen: Hopak!, 2023
    öljy kankaalle
    204 x 145 cm

  • CHART_2023/TOPI_RUOTSALAINEN_Blue_light_red_light_2023_oil_on_canvas_40-x-80-cm_

    Topi Ruotsalainen: Blue light, red light, 2023
    öljy kankaalle
    40 x 80 cm

  • CHART_2023/START_COLLECTING_GALLERIA_HEINO_TOPI_RUOTSALAINEN_Baptized_in_mud_2023_oil_on_board_28x68_cm

    Topi Ruotsalainen: Baptized in mud, 2023
    öljy levylle
    28 x 68 cm

  • PINK_TWINS/pink_twins_the_transient_03_2000

    PINK TWINS: The Transient, 2022
    editio 5 + 2AP

  • AARON-HEINO/2022/IMG_1935_1250

    Aaron Heino: If There's No Other Way, 2022
    alumiini ja maali
    60 x 40 x 60 cm

  • parkkinen/2019/tres_enerve_press_1200

    Sami Parkkinen: Très énervé, 2017
    sarjasta Limbo
    97 x 72 cm, editio 5 + 2AP
    50 x 38 cm, editio 8 + 2AP
    28 x 23 cm, editio 10 + 2AP