Photo London 202311. - 14.5. Somerset House, Lontoo

Healing sarjasta Healing, 2023
180 x 134 cm, editio 5+2AP
100 x 74,5 cm, editio 8+2AP
47 x 35 cm editio 10+2AP

At Photo London 2023 Galleria Heino will present photographs by three Finnish photographic artists: Axel Antas (b.1976), Aapo Huhta (b.1985) and Sami Parkkinen (b.1974).

Our presentation will consist of works in which Antas’ works deal with issues of the meaning of our relationship to one another and the temporality of our existence. Whereas Parkkinen’s works touch on one’s challenges to live in a contemporary society and ways of healing in the middle of its pressures. In Huhta’s works exploration of photographer’s personal inner life rise above one’s mind-set reaching universal topics concerning each of us.

From Axel Antas on show will be photographs from his photogrammetry inspired series Haptic Perception in which he looks at a person’s most close relationships and connections through touch. In addition, on view will be a moving image work, which functions as a tactile manifestation of time and moment, and as a nod to the classical vanitas still life.

Sami Parkkinen’s series Healing is investigating our need for spirituality and redefinition of society and humanity as a result of that. He deals with topics like our challenges to withstand the stressfulness of life while trying to offer insightful answers to these challenges.

From Aapo Huhta on show will be symbolically rich black and white images from his series Omatandangole, which has also been published as a book (2019) by Kehrer Verlag.

All the artists share a deep understanding of time and our own place in the world and the simplicity of presence and wonder of the everyday.