CHART 202225.-28.8.2022 / Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Kööpenhamina

The Room Upstairs I, 2021
öljyväri, pigmentti, alkydi ja vaha MDF-levylle
205 x 205 cm

At Chart 2022 Galleria Heino presents a solo show by painter Kristiina Uusitalo.

Since the start of her career at the turn of the 1980s, Kristiina Uusitalo’s main themes have included experiencing and depicting nature as a stage for human inner life. The forces of nature are at the centre of Uusitalo's work, from experiencing sublime nature to succumbing to the forces of climate change.

The large, masterly brushstrokes and vivid, glimmering colours in Uusitalo's paintings alter the scale of the landscape, conveying forces that are greater than the human will.

Finnish painter Kristiina Uusitalo (b.1959) attended the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (1978-1982) after which she studied in Tyler School of Art (Temple University, Philadelphia, USA), from where she received her MFA diploma in 1988. In 2008 Uusitalo was awarded the Finnish State Prize for the Visual Arts.

  • CHART-2022/KRISTIINA_UUSITALO_Into_the_Clearest_Darkness_2021_oil_dry-pigment_artificial-resin_wax_and_-aluminum_leaf_on_board_205x205cm

    Kohti kirkkainta pimeää I, 2020-2021
    öljyväri, pigmentti, alkydi, vaha ja alumiinilehti MDF-levylle
    205 x 205 cm

  • CHART-2022/KRISTIINA_UUSITALO_Swallowed_Eyes_I_2021_-oil_dry_pigment_artificial_resin_and_wax_on_board_205x205_cm

    Nielaistut silmät II, 2020-2021
    öljyväri, pigmentti, alkydi ja vaha MDF-levylle
    205 x 205 cm

  • CHART-2022/KRISTIINA_UUSITALO_Into_the_Clearest_Darkness_II_2021_-oil_dry_pigment_artificial_resin_and_wax_on_board_205x280_cm

    Kohti kirkkainta pimeää II , 2021
    öljyväri, pigmentti, alkydi ja vaha MDF-levylle
    205 x 280 cm

  • CHART-2022/KRISTIINA_UUSITALO_The_Clouds_Roam_Through_Me_II_2020_-oil_dry_pigment_artificial_resin_and_wax_on_board_180x280_cm

    Pilvet lävitseni samoaa II, 2020
    öljyväri, pigmentti, alkydi ja vaha MDF-levylle 180 x 280 cm