Construction, 2019
Painting installation
Academy of Fine Arts degree show 2019

Marko Backman (b.1977) graduated as a visual artist from Turku Arts Academy in 2015 and as a Master of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. His paintings could be placed in traditional genres such as landscapes and interiors, but the scenes feature a world of surrealism that shifts from the realistic to the unreal. Man is not present – other than through his absence – in Backman’s paintings, which are created with a sedate brush.

  • backman/IMG_0242

    Foil, 2019
    oil on canvas
    105 x 165 cm

  • backman/IMG_0244

    Warehouse, 2019
    oil on canvas
    105 x 165 cm

  • backman/IMG_0263

    Saintpaulia, 2019
    oil on canvas
    140 x 140 cm

  • backman/IMG_0260_1

    Handle, 2019
    oil on canvas, marble frames
    97 x 150 cm

  • backman/IMG_0222

    Empty, 2019
    oil on canvas, wooden legs
    64 x 27 x 42 cm