Lost to sight (Dusky seaside sparrow), 2019
98 x 74 cm
edition 5 + 2AP

Axel Antas is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works look critically at the relationship between humans and the natural world. Antas, who uses a combination of photography, site-specific installation, drawing, and film, explains that he explores the awkwardness and disharmony of man’s failure to connect with his surroundings. While landscapes and trees are frequent motifs and backdrops in his work, Antas is perhaps better known for his use of man-made clouds—the artist’s attempt to momentarily mimic nature. These clouds are the subject of his “Interventions” (2005-06), a series of photographs of the clouds in park landscapes, and his portraits and self-portraits in which the cloud obstructs the subject’s face. Antas travels widely, particularly in Northern Europe, to complete his works.

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