Très énervé, 2017
From the series Limbo
Pigment print on aluminium
97 x 72 cm
edition 5+2AP

Sami Parkkinen (1974–) is a Finnish photographer. He employs photography and sculpture to in-vestigate the human consciousness and the need to rebuild society. Since 2009, he has exhibited at a number of museums and galleries, including the National Portrait Gallery, London in 2015, Circu-lation(s) – Festival de la Jeune Photographie Européenne, Paris in 2016 and the Finnish Museum of Photography in 2010. Sami Parkkinen’s works can be found in many notable public and private collections, both in Finland and abroad. In autumn 2020, the Finnish National Museum’s main exhibition will feature works from Sami Parkkinen’s series Father and Son (2012–2020).

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