MARTTI AIHASculptures 8.10.2004 – 24.10.2004

Behind the looking glass world

…so that the viewer can have a sense of looking at something invisible to the mere eye, the reader of understanding something beyond comprehension alone, the symphony listener of hearing something inaudible; a fleeting sensation of something true and beautiful that lies beyond even mirrors.
The inspiration for a work of art may hail from as far away as childhood. Inspiration can arise from a single overheard sentence, a glimpse of an image, a long-forgotten sound or scent. It is around this original inspiration that the form begins to take shape; the artist discovers the elements belonging to the form, chooses the right ones and discards the false, however beautiful, to make visible that fleeting sensation.
The sensation conveyed by the work is neither joy nor sadness. There is always an element of seriousness about it but elation as well, for discovering truth; it just needs to be captured.

Antti Tuuri

  • aiha/2004/aiha09

    Head, 2004
    wood, acrylic
    210 x 100 x 110 cm

  • aiha/2004/aiha11

    The house of poets, 2004
    curly birch, glass, acrylic
    181 x 97 x 78 cm

  • aiha/2004/aiha07

    Subject, 2002
    wood, acrylic
    218 x 125 x 125 cm

  • aiha/2004/aiha08

    Subject, 2004
    wood, acrylic, bronze
    204 x 98 x 130 cm

  • aiha/2004/aiha01

    Yellow, 2004
    mirror, wood, acrylic, glass
    100 x 27 cm

  • aiha/2004/aiha02

    To Savinio, 2004
    mirror, wood, acrylic
    102 x 151 x 40 cm

  • aiha/2004/aiha05

    Red, 2004
    mirror, wood, acrylic
    140 x 10 cm

  • aiha/2004/aiha04

    Landscape, 2004
    mirrored glass, wood, acrylic
    49 x 17 cm