EILA MAARET FORSSTRÖMPaintings 1.4.2005 – 17.4.2005

Never again, 2005
oil on acrylic glass
35 x 30 cm

I continue to work in France. All the works featured in my forthcoming exhibition were painted this winter in a small coastal town in Southern France.

The motifs in my paintings mostly revolve around a human figure or portrait. Paintings other than portraits in the exhibition are there to create the milieu and to bring a certain kind of ambience to the whole. As in my previous exhibitions, the works are oil paintings on various metallic bases. However, I have now started to use a new painting base, shiny, black acrylic plastic, which appeals since it forms a complete contrast to the white base frequently used.

My paintings are representative, but not in the traditional, as if " prepared " sense. I have rather sought to achieve a certain fleetingness, a " Flash " impression.

Eila Maaret Forsström

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_02

    Grande Soirée, 2005
    oil on aluminium
    85 x 80 cm

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_06

    Never again, 2005
    oil on acrylic glass
    35 x 30 cm

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_07

    Avant scene, 2005
    oil on aluminium
    50 x 40 cm

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_08

    Thoughts, 2005
    oil on acrylic glass
    35 x 30 cm

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_11

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_19

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_15

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_01

    Labyrinthe, 2005
    oil on aluminium
    85 x 75 cm

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_14

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_20

    Fille á la balancore, 2005
    oil on acrylic glass
    40 x 23 cm

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_03

  • forsstrom/2005/forsstrom_17

    Scénario, 2005
    oil on polished steel
    30 x 35 cm