KATARINA REUTERPaintings 31.3.2007 – 22.4.2007

Stowaway, 2007
oil, tempera on hard board
112 x 105 cm + 18 x 25 cm

The paintings of Katarina Reuter, one of our leading contemporary artists, represent descriptions of nature and landscape based on both landscape elements and the natural sciences. In her works Reuter depicts, for example, both majestic mountain scenes and the world of single-celled organisms.

"Nature for me is structure, colours and models - not landscape," Katarina Reuter says about the sources of her art. Indeed, her works are often like diving through the surface to the world that lies beneath, to the structures that we normally do not see - like shifting from one of level of consciousness to another. Reuter thus examines the tensions that exist between the surface and the depths. At the same time Reuter presents nature as symbolic archetypes.

Rauli Heino

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter01

    Visiting time, 2006
    oil and eggtempera on hard board

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter03

    Stowaway, 2007
    oil, tempera on hard board
    112 x 105 cm + 18 x 25 cm

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter04

    tracker, 2007
    oil, tempera, ballpoint pen on hard board
    141 x 118 cm

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter05

    Winds of Yesterday, 2007
    oil, pencil on hard board
    85 x 65 cm

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter09

    Short Cut, 2007
    oil, ballpoint pen on hard board
    10 x 17,5 cm

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter08

    Reunion, 2007
    oil, tempera on hard board
    80 x 35 cm

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter02

    Deep Sleep, 2007
    pencil, oil, tempera on hard board
    20 x 88 cm

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter06

    Focusing, 2007
    tempera, oil on hard board
    83 x 20 cm

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter07

    Detour, 2007
    oil, tempera, pencil on hard board
    72 x 20 cm

  • reuter/2007/Katarina_Reuter10

    Breaking Away, 2007
    ballpoint pen, oil on hard board, aluminium, copper
    82 x 20 cm