SAMI LUKKARINENNew Camouflage 1.9.2007 – 23.9.2007

No.7, 2007
oil on canvas
228 x 148 cm

After the turn of the millennium, broadband internet, digital cameras, web cams and camera phones began to become more common. Digital images and image processing, together with pictures and text that could be sent around the world in real time, began to change our relationship with images. The internet became a reality for many. Anyone could post a self-portrait, a self-image even, in an internet picture gallery or at a video community for all to see.

In his 2001 exhibition, the artist Sami Lukkarinen first showed images he had discovered on the internet, pixellated and then painted onto canvas. His subject then was functionalist architecture. Modern Finnish church architecture, spam and internet picture galleries later followed. In this new exhibition, he continues his examination of picture gallery images.

His paintings have been described as impressionistic, kinetic and reverse pointillist in turn but Lukkarinen himself prefers to refer to them, not as photo realism but as photoshop realism: "I treat the digital image the way a traditional painter treats reality." In other words, what he presents here are images of images.

Rauli Heino


Alicia, 2005
oil on canvas
170 x 87 cm


Angel ehkä Devi, 2007
oil on canvas
110 x 80 cm


Daaduli, 2007
oil on canvas
152 x 188 cm


Dirty Tupi, 2007
oil on canvas
198 x 87 cm


E-lovena, 2006
oil on canvas
117 x 138 cm


Eevertti, 2006
oil on canvas
144 x 177 cm


Krista 86, 2006
oil on canvas
157 x 80 cm


Milla, 2006
oil on canvas
177 x 126 cm


Nemonic, 2006
oil on acrylic glass
66 x 63 cm


No.7, 2007
oil on canvas
228 x 148 cm


Steel Vagina, 2007 (3 parts)
oil on canvas
168 x 105 cm
180 x 135 cm
159 x 132 cm




Tipsu 80, 2007
oil on canvas
174 x 156 cm


Vaahtopoika, 2006
oil on acrylic glass
54 x 45 cm