JUSSI TWOSEVENDeconstructed 20.5.2023 – 18.6.2023

To me, the combination of runny acrylic paint and orderly spray paint has meant painting a figurative work. The exhibition Deconstructed is a continuum of my 'Here we go!' exhibition earlier in the year at Galleria Heino, where I took my first step in a more abstract direction. In the exhibition, the tools I’m familiar with, spray and acrylic paint, remain the same as in my earlier works. As the name suggests, in the Deconstructed theme I deconstruct the works into minimalist elements to form an installation-like concept on the gallery walls.

The main part of the exhibition has been painted straight onto the gallery walls. In this way, shapes and elements continue to intuitively create a harmonious concept. Even though I have simplified my works into mere different abstract traces of paint, do the paintings or composition represent anything to grasp?

In this exhibition, I reflect on what these different surfaces mean and the kind of moods their combinations create. Does the essence of a streak of paint change when it spills over from the canvas straight onto the wall? Painting on the wall also enables the creation of a more spatial concept, where the composition of the artwork needs to take account of the gallery space and vice versa.

Jussi TwoSeven

  • twoseven/2023---2/IMG_2492

    Deconstructed 1, 2023
    spray and acrylic paint on canvas
    115 x 101 cm

  • twoseven/2023---2/IMG_2488

    Deconstructed 2, 2023
    spray and acrylic paint on canvas
    200 x 217 cm

  • twoseven/2023---2/IMG_2450

    Deconstructed 3, 2023
    spray and acrylic paint on canvas
    200 x 200 cm

  • twoseven/2023---2/IMG_2414

    Deconstructed 4, 2023
    spray and acrylic paint on canvas
    190 x 190 cm

  • twoseven/2023---2/IMG_2418

    Deconstructed 5, 2023
    spray and acrylic paint on canvas
    115 x 102 cm