GALLERIA HEINO 20 YEARS 26.11.2022 – 18.12.2022

On September 19th 2002, Galleria Heino held the opening of its first exhibition in Bulevardi with paintings by artist Anne Tompuri. Since then, we operated in Uudenmaankatu from 2005 to 2020 before moving to our current location in Erottajankatu. So far, we have 246 exhibitions, 41 art fairs and 20 years behind us!

We are now celebrating our 20-year journey as we remember the past, live for the moment and think about the future. The past years have been both short and long period. Time has flown by but since much has happened during those 20 years, it has also been a long time.

We’re celebrating our anniversary at the last exhibition of the year in which we are pleased to present, for the third time, a selection of new works from our ABC Collection. The ABC Collection contains carefully selected works from 29 of our artists. The selection now on display features new works from 16 artists. Works in the ABC Collection comprise edited prints and photographs by our featured artists, as well as unique drawings, paintings and small-scale sculptures. The artists behind these works are recognisable.

Outside of exhibition dates, the ABC Collection is also available to view in a portfolio on display at the gallery or on our website. The works are stored in the gallery and can be viewed by request. The collection is updated between each ABC Collection exhibition. Through the collection you can take a peek at featured artists’ production also outside of their solo exhibitions.

In addition to ABC collection, in our 20th anniversary exhibition we will present past exhibitions and events in words and images. At the opening of the exhibition, we will raise our glasses to the past, present and future! To artists and art lovers, to mundane and festive memories and above all to artistic experiences. A heartfelt thanks to everyone involved! Our journey continues.

Rauli Heino