ABC collection - sales collection 8.1.2021 – 31.1.2021

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Galleria Heino will launch the 2021 spring season with Marko Backman’s FORCE/COUNTERFORCE exhibition in our upstairs space. Alongside the main exhibition, we are also delighted to present our new ABC Collection, on display downstairs. This new collection comprises edited prints and photographs by our featured artists, as well as unique drawings, paintings and small-scale sculptures – all hand selected for enjoyment at home.

Some of the works in the ABC Collection have been created especially for the collection, while others are drawn from the artists’ earlier output – half-forgotten treasures re-discovered at the studio or works re-produced with ABC in mind. The artists behind these works will be instantly recognisable to audiences.

The ABC Collection concept means that the exhibitions will be mainly run in alphabetical order by artist name. The inaugural exhibition is set to feature works by artists whose names start with one of the first nine letters of the alphabet. Ultimately, the plan is for the collection to grow and evolve over time. The second ABC Collection exhibition is due to launch in the spring.

Outside of the exhibition dates, the works are also available to view in a portfolio on display at the gallery and on our website. The artworks themselves will remain archived at the gallery and are available to view on request.

The first ABC Collection exhibition is set to feature new photographic series by Elina Brotherus, Miklos Gaál and Martti Jämsä. Martti Jämsä will also be launching a new book of photographs titled Polaroid Summer (Polaroid-kesä) in conjunction with the exhibition. Also featuring are paintings in gouache, acrylic, watercolour and pencil by Axel Antas, Alvar Gullichsen, Bo Haglund and Petri Hytönen, new prints bySamuli Heimonen as well as small-scale sculptures by our latest featured artist Aaron Heino.

We look forward to welcoming you at the gallery!

Don’t forget to visit also our ARTSY online gallery, where you will find details and images of all our exhibitions and the works on display.

Martti Jämsä will be visiting Galleria Heino on the day of the exhibition launch at 11:00–19:00 to discuss his new book release. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase the book at a special offer price of €19 (RRP €26).