MIKLOS GAÁLPhotographs 24.11.2012 – 16.12.2012

Viewing an Apple Tree, 2009
Artist Book, silkscreen print
20 pages, 43,5 x 28,5 cm

Strange Fruits

The exhibition presents a collection of works from recent years including photographic prints, a hand-printed artist book, a video and a series of silkscreen monotypes. By directing the spatial experience, playing with pictorial likeness and correspondences, and showing images as silent luminous projections, the distinctive works bring the act of looking itself into question.

I am interested in the event of viewing in which one departs from a specific situation and enters into an immersive experience that is an interchange between recognition, belief and desire. This kind of an introverted and contemplative process is like being evaporated in a sensory perception that directs the attention towards to the spectator´s own seeing and interpretation.

In a momentary state of confusion, when there is no existing explanation available of what we encounter, we turn to our own awareness and begin to examine our own assumptions and question the preconceived notions upon which they are built. Readiness to find strangeness and singularity in what constantly unfolds around us can provide an opportunity to recognize how we habitually construct actuality, and how we grant reality to things.

Miklos Gaál

Miklos Gaál (born 1974 in Espoo, Finland) lives and works in Amsterdam. He is a graduate of University of Art & Design Helsinki, 2004, and attended also the School of Photography at Gothenburg University. From 2008 until 2009 Gaál was a resident artist at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Gaál´s work has been exhibited internationally since 2000 in, among others, Huis Marseille in Amsterdam, La Casa Encendida in Madrid, Aperture Gallery in New York, Casino Luxembourg Forum d´Art Contemporain, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, and Kunsthalle in Emden, Germany. Recent solo exhibitions include Finsk-norsk kulturinstitutt, Oslo (2012), Galerie Wagner+Partner, Berlin, Pluie d´Images Festival, Brest (2010), Galerie Momentum, Vienna (2009).

  • unseen/2012/MIKLOS_GAL_DUSK_2010

    Dusk, 2010
    110 x 185 cm
    edition 5/5 + 2AP

  • gaal/MIKLOS_GAAL_A_TO_S2012

    A to S, 2012
    video, 17 s
    HD 720p, 16:9
    edition 1/3


    Viewing an Apple Tree, 2012
    artist book, silkscreen print
    20 pages, 43,5 x 28,5 cm
    edition 50
    C-print, 132 x 163 cm
    edition 5 + 2 AP


    Clouds in my pocket, 2012
    video, 9 min 45 s
    HD 720p, 16:9
    edtion 1/3


    Serpentine, 2009
    Silkscreen print on acid-free paper
    92 x 126 cm
    edition 35

  • gaal/MIKLOS_GAAL_Again_1_2010_fix

    Again 1, 2010
    silkscreen printing on laser photocopy
    123,5 x 88,5 cm

  • gaal/MIKLOS_GAAL_Again_3_2010_fix

    Again 3, 2010
    silkscreen printing on laser photocopy
    123,5 x 88,5 cm

  • gaal/MIKLOS_GAAL_Again_4_2010_fix

    Again 4, 2010
    silkscreen printing on laser photocopy
    123,5 x 88,5 cm

  • gaal/MIKLOS_GAAL_SOAP_2008

    Soap, 2010
    33 x 46,5 cm
    edition 1/5 + 2 AP


    Satellite city, 2005
    122 x 156,5 cm
    edition 5