KIMMO PYYKKÖSculptures 5.5.2011 – 29.5.2011

Everything here, 2010
45 x 64 x 71 cm

This exhibition presents new bronze sculptures by Kimmo Pyykkö that reflect the spirit of his famous aluminium sculptures of the 1970s, as well as sculptures and murals crafted out of alder.​​

Pyykkö´s bronze sculptures are still life compositions. They represent objects and animals such as ravens, falcons, small birds and butterflies. He uses a lot of ready material, existing old chairs, beds, shoes, gloves, paint brushes, musical instruments and bags. Like still lifes, Pyykkö´s sculptures are carefully constructed sets, the sums of their parts, in which the parts refer to each other.

The old objects used by Pyykkö include memories themselves; they have traces of people. Pyykkö gives the objects new life. When casting them in bronze and when his works receive a uniform patina, the temporal becomes timeless, the material becomes intangible, and the here and now becomes the past and gone.

In his enormous alder works Pyykkö uses floor space and in his painting-like works rusty iron wire that is like a tracing on paper on the stained wood surface: landscape space as a creative line or a written work describing the story of life.

The mood of Pyykkö´s bronze and wooden sculptures is poetic but sad. Pyykkö has said about his art that he is a man of dark tones and is interested in life´s turning points. These turning points are often related to the inevitable laws of life, to unpredictability and surprise, to the passage of time and its end.

Pyykkö is a storyteller, someone who describes basic human feelings and deals with the fundamental questions of life. His works are beautiful and heavily charged. The message conveyed in his art is simplistic and sentimental. With its message of transience, Pyykkö´s art emphasises the value of life.

Rauli Heino


  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_KAIKKI_TASSA_2010

    All here, 2010
    h 45 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_FINAALI_2010

    Finale, 2010
    h 46 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_JAAHYVAISET_2010

    Farewells, 2010
    h 49 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_VAPAA_2010

    Vacant, 2010
    h 41 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_ELAMANLANKA_2010

    The Thread of Life, 2010
    bronze, stanless steel
    h 99 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_IDEALISTI_2010

    Idealist, 2010
    h 153 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_VASYNYT_2010

    Tired, 2010
    h 159 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_KAIKEN_JALKEEN_2010

    After Everything, 2010
    h 140 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_KOKO_MAAILMA_2010

    The Whole World, 2010
    h 155 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_YO_VAI_PAIVA_2010

    Night or Day?, 2010
    h 25 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_PITKA_PURJEHDUS_2010

    The Long Sail, 2010
    h 25 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_PROLOGI_2010

    Proloque, 2010
    h 29 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_KOLME_MAALARIA_2010

    Three Painters, 2010
    h 32 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_SOLISTI_2010

    The Soloist, 2010
    h 25 cm


    Drawn in the Mirror, 2010
    h 8 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_AARREKARTTA_2010

    Treasure map, 2010
    common alder, iron
    190 x 240 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_REVIIRI_2011

    Territory, 2011
    common alder, iron
    150 x 180 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_DUETTO_2010

    Duet, 2010
    common alder, iron
    75 x 90 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_UUSI_ULOTTUVUUS_2011

    New Dimension, 2011
    common alder, iron
    65 x 75 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_GURU_2002

    Guru, 2002
    common alder, iron
    135 x 105 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_TRILOGIA_2009

    Trilogy, 2009
    common alder
    115 x 130 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_HETKI_VAIN_2011

    Just a Moment, 2011
    common alder, iron
    60 x 70 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_VIESTI_KAUKAA_2011

    A Message from Afar, 2011
    common alder
    125 x 125 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_SUURI_UNELMA_2010

    The Big Dream, 2010
    common alder
    105 x 105 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_TUOLLA_PUOLEN_2010

    Beyond, 2010
    common alder
    57 x 62 cm

  • pyykko_kimmo/KIMMO_PYYKKO_SULJETTU_2010

    Closed, 2010
    common alder
    93 x 103 cm