KATARINA REUTERPaintings 9.4.2011 – 1.5.2011

Yesterday's ideas, 2011
oli on canvas
138 x 92 cm

Artist Katarina Reuter's paintings are depictions of nature and landscapes based on either landscape elements or the natural sciences. In her paintings Reuter has depicted both rugged mountain scenery and the world of single-celled organisms. The main subject of her finely detailed paintings and drawings is the northern landscape: the sea, sunsets, starry skies, mountains and flowers.

In her latest exhibition too, Reuter presents beautiful and highly charged paintings and drawings of flowers and the mysterious world of micro-organisms. Instead of distant mountains and oceans, however, she has focused recently on painting the lakes of her familiar living environment. For the past two years she has captured the scenes from her countryside studio window in a series of Indian ink sketches.

In both years she has described the same scene on the same day over six winter months. In her black and white drawings based on direct natural observations she captures the different landscapes, weather conditions and light variations in different years. In this exhibition the most mundane scenes are accompanied by paintings in which the wonder and richness of nature appear as archetypes- or as mind- and soulscapes.

Rauli Heino


    Time Builders, 2011
    oil and tempera on canvas
    138 x 92 cm

  • reuter/2011/KATARINA_REUTER_TUHLAAJA_2010

    Spender, 2010
    tempera and ballpoint pen on hard board
    138 x 92 cm


    , 2011
    oil on canvas
    138 x 92 cm


    Cliquishes, 2011
    oil on hardboard
    138 x 92 cm

  • reuter/2011/KATARINA_REUTER_ZENITH_2011

    Zenith, 2011
    oil and tempera on canvas
    138 x 92 cm


    Midwinter, 2011
    oil and tempera on canvas
    34 x 24,5 cm


    , 2010
    oil and tempera on hard board
    180 x 157 cm

  • reuter/2011/KATARINA_REUTER_JARVI_2011

    Lake, 2011
    oli, tempera and ballpoint pen on hard board
    140 x 140 cm

  • reuter/2009_art_helsinki/KATARINA-REUTER-MITA-EN-YOLLA-TIENNYT-2009-2

    What I did not know at night, 2009
    oil on hardboard
    79 x 53 cm


    Expansion, 2011
    oil, ballpoint pen and tempera on hard board
    3 x 35 x 16,5 cm


    Three Mornings, 2011
    oil on canvas
    3 x 33 x 24 cm


    Lost Artist, 2011
    oil and ballpoint pen on hard board and canvas
    20 x 20 + 22,5, + 16,5 + 16,5 x 13,5 cm