15. - 17.2.2013 / The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm

Interim report, 2012
oil on canvas
130 x 160 cm

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I am primarily a painter, although photographs have always played a major role in my works. My previous series of paintings were based on pre-existing photographs. Currently, I first build a scale model of the subject of the painting, I then photograph it and I finally duplicate the photograph by painting it on canvas.

My paintings are a reflection of society. I frequently depict events conveyed in the news: terrorism, school shootings, natural disasters and other tragedies. My point of view is not journalistic; instead I condense news events into distanced archetypes of sorts during a process consisting of several phases. At the same time, events in our own era become part of the history of painting and of the cycle of historical events.

My most recent paintings deal with the economy and power through everyday, but charged images. The scale model on which the painting is based is a simplified model of reality in the same way as economic models and theories are an attempt to describe the logic of the economy. In most cases the models, and consequently my paintings too are incomplete: ATMs lack both a keyboard and a cash dispenser and the safe is in the painting and not behind it. In a gun shop, on the other hand, the guns have been set out so that insurgents and terrorists find their guns on the left and soldiers on the right.

Erno Enkenberg

Artist Erno Enkenberg (b. 1975) graduated with an MA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. Enkenberg has also studied at the Wimbledon School of Art in London (1997−2001) and at the Free Art School (1997−1998).

Siirry sivun alkuun

Automaton, 2013
oil on canvas
200 x 135 cm


Safe, 2013
oil on canvas
90 x 70 cm


Interim report, 2012
oil on canvas
130 x 160 cm


Petrol Pump, 2013
oil on canvas
135 x 200 cm


Gun store, 2013
oil on canvas
100 x 150 cm

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