There is fantastic around us to be found. Fiction blends into our lives. Unreal is factual.
I masquerade like we could recognize the places, the people, the gestures. I photograph
strangers, they invoke my desire and I ask them to come. You want to be similar and in
contact. You want to find a twin. I suggest: we can be multiple. People are unpredictable.
They are male and female at the same time. Where is the sexuality?

The water is the most remarkable. It carries bodies. Water is colour. I want to narrate
feelings like in novels. The reader of images can handle her loss and encounters. There is a
place for danger. Characters are testing the ways to exist. Air becomes a watercourse. Is
there a light, a way? You lose your breath and your weight into the water to come back
again. You cannot see their faces because it´s your face.

Logic of colours visualizes the fiction. Inner world builds secrets to be seen. My heart
beats wildly when I can feel the presence of surprises. It is in me. The colour of turquoise.
Imagine the details a bit further. Secret tattoo, blue one is the colour of veins, the rivers on
the map. Or a blue shadow of a plant, starting to own here. Non-living things are in a role
of the living. A picture of sorrow is a picture of hope. She is living. Do you see; she starts
to move and breath.

Susanna Majuri / 2011